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In the usual perspective of the expansion of the global market and especially the Chinese market, we are pleased to inform you that from today you can register the Chinese domains. The currently available extensions are: com.cn net.cn org.cn From March/April 2003 it will be possible to directly register a .CN domain name (for example: dominiando.cn) We strongly ... Read more


Change in rules for registering .biz domains: from today it is possible to also register this extension for only one year. (First the obligation required a minimum of 2 years of registration) Read more

In addition to the online credit card and fax, bank transfer and postal order, already present on the site for a long time, Dominiando provides a new payment instrument: CartaFacile. The same system is supported by all our hosting plans, as is the case with Banca Sella's GestPay. The system was developed by Banca ... Read more

Original URL: In this news we are proud to have received an excellent evaluation, absolutely dispassionate, from a reference portal such as www.azpoint.net ; The review is online at the original address. On this page, for those who did not want to read the whole review, we have cut out the statements that ... Read more

Add the power of MySQL to your site! With MySQL: + more storable records + additional space dedicated to the database + more speed in data processing + perfectly integrated with ASP and PHP = MORE POWER ON YOUR SITE !!! To request it, simply connect to the customer area and make a request for support. Read the ... Read more

The .BE domain is certainly of interest to those who have a physical presence in Belgium or to those who target Belgian users, but it can also be an excellent advertising tool, as it uses the English verb "to be". Think of a "just.be" type domain! Check now, by filling out the form ... Read more

ATTENTION, RENEWAL REQUESTS: This news only applies to .com, .net and .org domain owners. Even if you do not own a domain with this extension, you need to read this news carefully in order to know about a situation that in our view is occurring in recent months. Unlike .it domains This means that there are ... Read more


As of today, Austrian domains can also be registered: .at .co.at .or.at The annual price is 51.13 euros + VAT     Read more

23 July 2002 (updated on 07/27/2002) Following the numerous requests received in recent months we wish to inform you that the European Commission has given the green light to the adoption of the .EU extension. Dominiando will not make any preregistrations for this extension (as has happened in the past for other domains being launched). The ... Read more

From May 31st 2002 the prices for the registration of .WS (WebSite) domains increase from € 16.00 + VAT to € 32.00 + VAT. Unfortunately this increase is due to a sudden change in the commercial policy of the Official Registry. Notwithstanding, all registration orders received by 19:00 on 30 May 2002 that ... Read more

Dominiando has accepted the "code of conduct" proposed by FEDERCOMIN as part of the "TRUST PROJECT" initiative.The adherence to this initiative emphasizes even more the desire of the administration to establish a clear and lasting relationship with its customers, whom will be even more protected. Read more

.US: is the extension for the United States. A presence in the USA is required to register these domains. There is a list of reserved domains here (new window) The policies for the registrations are rigid, the original document in English is available here (PDF - new window), a summary can be reached by clicking ... Read more

Connect to: http://www.ilsole24ore.com/premiowww By voting you can participate in the extraction of data from the page: ("http://sole.ilsole24ore.com/premiowww/premiperchivota.htm"): 1st Prize: New Jaguar X-Type V6 Executive with satellite navigator 2nd Prize: MBK Scooter Skyliner 250 from the 3rd to the 5th Prize: MBK Scooter Doodo 125 from the 6th to the 10th Prize: SONY ERICSSON T68i mobile phones and ... Read more

From today, all of Dominiando's customers that have any type of web hosting package can consult the statistics of the accesses to their site directly from the web. In fact, the interface has been implemented, which allows consultation in an area reserved exclusively for the customer. The service is FREE and will be ... Read more


Dominiando is always on the go, in order to facilitate its customers by creating synergies with other operators, trying to provide directly, or indirectly as in this case, useful tools for its customers' activities. Thus, the agreement with Smsitaly.com has been strengthened. Not only all the hosting packages support interfacing with the SMS ... Read more

A new extension is added to those already available. The price is still 15.49 euros + VAT per year. The particularity of the .de domain is that the admin-c (the assignee) must be resident in Germany. An Italian company can therefore register a .de domains, but its contact person as admin-c must reside in ... Read more

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